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We Chose Red Cliff...

When I moved to Red Cliff, CO in June 2013, my friends' first reaction was, "...but that's so far away." Well, maybe. Red Cliff is located 16 miles from Vail Mountain and Beaver Creek Mountain. Generally that takes me 25 minutes to drive. The commute includes winding roads on Highway 24, scenic views of Notch Mountain, and majestic cliff formations flanking the pavement. I would take that commute any day - rain, sunshine or snow - rather than sit in traffic or be bored.

Now, I get it, Red Cliff doesn't have everything the towns near Vail have - no gas stations, banks, schools, large grocery stores, movie theaters, etc. In fact, currently the only businesses in town include The Green Bridge Inn (with a Provisions & Liquor store located in the lobby), Mango's Mountain Grill, and local adventure company Colorado Backcountry Rentals. So why did we do it? Why did we choose Red Cliff?

Red Cliff is one of few towns in Colorado that continue to offer the most authentic mountain lifestyle available in the Rockies.

We hike. We climb. We ski. We ATV. We snowmobile. We fish. We hunt. We cross-country. We bike. We camp. We live an exceptionally authentic Colorado lifestyle. All right out of our own backyards.

Surrounded by the White River National Forest and Shrine Pass Recreation area, our little hamlet is barely viewed from Highway 24. Marking the entrance is a stunning steel arch bridge known as the Green Bridge - though some locals still refer to it as the Eagle River Bridge or Silver Bridge. To take the hard-left turn into Red Cliff can be seen as an act of bravery for first-time explorers into the area. However, courage is immediately rewarded with views of multi-generational homes, historical landmarks, meandering creeks and quartzite cliffs.

Just like any other town, Red Cliff is full of it's characters. Controversial, political, and opinionated, or endearing, committed and energetic. A little bit in each of us. But as a town we converse and commit to the betterment and preservation of this town. We aren't Vail - we aren't trying to be. Instead, we are Vail's beautiful backside and proud to be the tiny quirky town that amazes locals and visitors alike.

We chose Red Cliff because there is no where else in the world that feels like this. We chose Red Cliff because it presents us adventure and awe every day.

Red Cliff, CO - Keeping Authentic Adventure Alive in the Heart of the Rocky Mountains.

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